Here we go with a video clip that is going to put a big smile on the faces of all of the big time and hardcore Nissan GTR aficionados. When we are talking about the best and most powerful and fast imports that we usually get to see on the car shows, as well as on the streets, the European supercar brands, like the Lamborghini, or Ferrari, or Bugatti Veyron and some others, are usually getting the biggest attention by the mainstream media. Of course, a big contribution to that is the fact that many of the celebrities are driving it, wouldn`t you agree? But when it comes to the real Gearheads, there is a name in this world that always strikes the nerves, and that is the name of the Japanese rocket-sleds, the Nissan GTR cars. Anyway, check out this NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34 V SPEC II!

Now, just as you could have read in the title, what we have here is one insanely cool moment captured by the camera objective, which is from this year`s Newport Beach’s Supercar Show, when amongst all those jaw-dropping Lamborghini specimens, there is one great black Nissan Skyline GTR R34 V Spec II example, that starts messing up the program and steals the thunder of those European superbabes.

So if you are intrigued to see how that looks like, check out the video below and have fun.

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