Check This Out! NISSAN GTR BREAKS GUINNESS WORLD RECORD For Fastest Drift EVER – 304.9 kph (189 mph)!

I guess that when it comes to the Japanese mechanical excellence, the Nissan GTR, there`s not an ending to the marvelous and incredible things which this rocket-sleds keep on achieving! Whether it is a new world record for the Nissan GTR at a Quarter-Mile distance, or something else that gives us a skyrocketing amount of adrenaline rush, or whatever else, it is obvious that only sky is the limit for this legendary car!

The latest achievement in the string of jaw-dropping records of the GTR cars is the new Guinness World Record for the fastest drift that happened just a while back, at the 3 000 metre (1.86 miles) main runway at Fujairah International Airport, in the United Arab Emirates. Behind the wheel of that specially tuned Nissan GTR was Kawabata Masato, the Japanese drifting series champion, who drove sideways at 30 degrees angle.

This specimen of the GTR was definitely not like the others we usually get to see breaking one record after another. The main difference is that it has a 2-wheel drive system, it`s powered by a 4.0 litre motor that delivers astonishing 1 380 HP, and needless to say, it looks totally jaw-dropping!

But without any more unnecessary chit chats about it, you better have a look at the following video and see this great drift performance yourself. And then, in a case you want to see the world record for the longest vehicle drift, go to this link.