Hello my dear fellow muscle car aficionados! I have probably said this in another occasion, but I hope that you really would not mind if I say it again, just in a case! The ones amongst you who have been following us for quite some time now, are well aware that although we`re specialized in the good old American muscle cars (as well as the best imports that could be seen on the US soil), we are also trying to be diverse in the subjects we pick.

Which means that besides informing you about the latest trends, tune up methods, customized rides, and numerous other stuff from the world of fast and powerful rides, we`re also showing you videos that are a bit different. I`m referring to the clips that are either showing us some interesting innovations from the world of Hi-Tech, or something completely different, which might not be directly connected with cars and bikes, but it`s still interesting, and we think you should see it!

Something like the following video that you`re going to see in just a few moments. And just as the title of the article says, we have a clip that`ll show you three interesting and inventive ideas about upgrading your tools. Also, although it doesn`t directly refer to the classic mechanical tools about vehicles, still, these simple tools could come in pretty handy, when you want to do some delicate work on your beloved Detroit muscle, or the Nissan GTR, or whatever else you`re driving!

So, if you are intrigued about something like that, have a look at the video below, and see what you make of it. Afterwards, you can share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below.

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