Where Did The Famous PLYMOUTH Car Got Its Name From!

In case you have not heard it before Plymouth vehicles are in fact the product of Chrysler engineering as well as craftsmanship. But, have you ever wondered how exactly did it get the name Plymouth car? Some people think that it is because of Walter P. Chrysler who in the early 1930s wanted something known to the people, so at the time it was thought of it to be the famous monument Plymouth Rock! Sometime later however a statement was released that it has been in fact named like that after the pilgrims that traveled to America on the Mayflower, due to the endurance, strength, ruggedness and freedom typified by them.

However the deciding factor was the famous Plymouth Binder Twine! The board wanted a name that would have been recognized by everyone and Plymouth was it thanks to the Plymouth Binder Twine that was used by every farmer back in that day. So there you have it, the Plymouth name would have never been there without the Binder Twine. Check out the video bellow and hear how the lovely Alyssa explains the whole process of how the name was gotten, going in to detail as well as adding some other interesting facts connected with the Plymouth name!

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