Here we go again with another cool video clip from Mother Russia, but this time we are not going to see some of those totally wacky and completely insane situations in which we are laughing for hours on the unique driving skills of the Russians, or some of those bizarre and insane creations that can be spotted on Russian roads and highways. This one is probably closest to some of those new Russian vehicles that are looking like they can conquer Siberia and go to the very pits of hell and back, just for the fun of it. We do not have the exact information about it, but I think that it is a civilian version of one of those old and huge, and very powerful Russian military Kraz truck.

As you probably know it well, when it comes to the aesthetics, Russian vehicles are not top of the line, but when we are talking about to their functionality, they are superb.

The video below that we have prepared is a great demonstration about it. This Kraz truck looks like it is about to dig a whole, all the way to South America. So try and stop it if you can!

Just watch the video and tell us what you think about it. And if you want to see something a little bit different from the latest Russian technology, go to this link.