Here we go again with another absolutely stunning and jaw-dropping Lambo model that was spotted on the streets of London recently, which I know you are going to love. I know that by now, we had seen many, many gorgeous and out-of-this-world supercars on the streets of the English capital, but if you ask me, this one is definitely one of the best looking models of Lamborghini Aventador. I do not know whether it is the color, or that outrageously awesome Mansory Aventador body kit, but the fact is that it is something that makes you watch it with your mouth open.

Those of you who are big time Lambo aficionados and who are following the aftermarket scene on a close basis, probably know well that Lamborghini Aventador Twin Turbo Carbonado Roadster, also a product of Mansory. And if you do, maybe some of you would reply to my above mentioned comment about the awesomeness of this Mansory Lamborghini Aventador, that it is not as good as the Roadster model. But hey! Everyone is in title to his own opinion.

This red Mansory Aventador is powered by the well known 6.5 liter V12 motor that is giving a total output of 700 HP and over 500 pound feet of torque. And watching the video below, you will feel its power and amazing downshifting quality.

So just check it out and enjoy it. And if you want to see the above mentioned Carbonado Roadster and compare it with this one, go to this link.