Check Out This Awesome White GTR R35 in London With Armytrix Decat Exhaust! Great Sound & Acceleration!

Even if you have never been in London, just from watching the great cars on the London video clips that we are showing you, this street will become as familiar as if you have been there yourself hundreds of times. It is the place where we have seen many Lamborghini models, GTRs, Ferraris, and many other awesome cars, showcasing their power and beauty to the bystanders. So here we go again with one awesome looking Nissan GTR R35 with a white paint job, and with a decatted Armytrix exhaust system installed in it.

Besides the awesome sound that it produces, which is a music for the ears of every Nissan GTR aficionado, and the acceleration we can all see, I must say that no matter how attractive it looks, speeding up your great sports car in such a place is both stupid and dangerous. I mean, high performance car like the GTR R35 accelerates from 0 to 60 in just about 2.5 seconds, and that is all that it takes for something bad to happen. And in such a busy street, the chances are huge, and that is a fact.

But we will leave the irresponsible drivers to be handled by the law authorities, and we will finish this article by telling you not to forget to concentrate on the 20th second of the video, and also check out one awesome Ferrari F12 (I think).

If you want to see another great presentation of jaw-dropping GTR with Armytrix exhaust system, check out this link.