800+HP 1970 PLYMOUTH HEMI ‘CUDA – Explosive Launch!

Hello my dear fellow classic American muscle car aficionados! Today we have prepared for you one truly great and attractive video clip that features one awesome 1970 Plymouth HEMI `Cuda, that you may have already seen in action in other videos. I`m talking about the Canadian Ken Jansen`s `70 HEMI `Cuda, that has a 572ci HEMI motor under the hood which is kicking more than 800 HP, mated to a four-speed G Force Transmission.

The video below features shots from a few different drag strip performances, filmed with various cameras, so it really gives us a good perspective of how does Ken feel when he is inside his highly modified Mopar beauty, as well as a great look on the car as he is doing a warm up, explosive launching and of course, there`s the wheelie, which I believe many of you will enjoy seeing.

With the exception of the last race, when we get to see the result of 9.9 seconds at 133 mph, we do not know just how fast are the other races, but I think that it would be safe to presume that they are pretty much in the same 10-second range. However, this great looking 1970 Plymouth HEMI `Cuda is not all about the result, but its awesome appearance and all of the other things that we have mentioned previously.

So check it out and enjoy the show! And if you want to see other great drag strip performance videos, featuring different HEMI Barracudas and other vintage Detroit muscles, go to this link.