7 Second BLOWN DODGE PHOENIX At Sidney Dragway!

Not all powerful, fast and really sharp looking muscle cars can bee seen at the famous car shows like the SEMA, or the Autorama. As you know it well, there are so many absolutely awesome examples which are not meant for these types of shows, but they are the real deal, when it comes to a demonstration of its power and (especially) speed. And the following muscle monster that you are going to see in the video below is one of the examples which are proving that. And I do not think that I have to tell you that Australians are people who are well known as real Gearheads and big time Need for Speed enthusiasts, which is why we keep on seeing them building awesome and incredibly fast cars. Today we have prepared you a video with a real beast of a drag muscle, a Blown Dodge Phoenix, a real thunderstruck that is setting the strip on fire and does 7.51 seconds at 178.5 mph!

And when you come to think that it is a really huge and heavy car, it is clear that there is a real monster under the hood. Unfortunately, we do not have the info about it, therefore, we will not get into any speculations. So just watch the video and see this terrifying Dodge Phoenix, and if you feel like it, share your thoughts about it with us in the comment section below. For more interesting drag race videos from Australia, go to this link.