BIG MISTAKE Here! CAT 793 Dump Truck Suddenly Dropped In South African Harbor!

When you love watching heavy machines moving mountains or basically doing anything they please, you are bound to come across a moment like this every once in a while. This CAT 793 dump truck gets loaded onto a ship for movement, however the workers doing it made a big mistake – they tied low quality chains to the wheel hubs. Now, this is probably obvious, but web slings would have made much more sense in this situation, and this near-disaster would not have happened. Luckily, the truck falls just over a flat spot on the ship and it seems relatively undamaged.

The same can`t be said for the chains and the mental state of the workers, though. One guy was passing right under the truck as it hung in the air, seconds before one of the chains broke and then the rest followed, dropping the truck to the floor. When you drop a machine as heavy as this CAT 793, not only is the noise deafening, but it`s an all around terrifying experience for everyone involved. Even the cameraman was shook a little bit, but in the end they all walked away unharmed. It`s a lesson for next time though – be more careful and this won`t happen.

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