Car vs Bike Crash Test! World’s First Integrated Safety Airbag Jackets!

Check the World`s First Integrated Safety Airbag Jackets! This feature will improve the biker`s safety! Here is some good news for the bikers from a safety perspective. The brand new invention comes from Italy`s motorbike maker Ducati. They are not just producing bikes, but they also take care for the people operating them. For that purpose Ducati conducted a crash test, colliding Audi A3 and their Multistrada 1200s using their latest invention D|AIR safety apparel. It takes only 20 MILISECONDS to fully inflate this setup. It is wirelessly linked to the bike and the smart on-board system recognizes a potentially hazardous situation. This system takes care for both the bike operator and the passenger as well who are wearing D|AIR which (for now) protects the torso only. We are glad that Ducati thinks about the safety of their customers. As we all know, bike related accidents have a much higher chance of resulting in an injury than car accidents.

With the addition of these integrated safety airbag jackets, the bikers will be substantially safer! Furthermore, the airbag apparel works for both the rider AND the passenger, if they are wearing the safety airbag jackets. Given the fact that Ducati makes really powerful and fast motorbikes, making this safety system is big progress in motorbike safety! As you can see in the video, upon impact, the airbags need a total of 80 milliseconds for maximum deployment, in order to achieve sufficient protection! That is just remarkable! The airbag jackets are made to protect the chest, back and the collarbones of the user if an accident occurs. You can never be too safe when riding a bike, and having D| AIR seems like a smart thing.  Watch this Car vs Bike Crash Test and share your opinion with us!

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Enjoy the video below!

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9 thoughts on “Car vs Bike Crash Test! World’s First Integrated Safety Airbag Jackets!

  1. Jesse Rouse

    Very Cool!

  2. Umidjon Hashimov

    Hi, I’m Umid from Uzbekistan. I work in JV LLC O’zERAE Climate Control. Our products are HVAC & CRFM for GMUz cars. I’m interesting muscle cars but in my country are no them.

  3. dieng maissa

    c extraordinaire encouragement de tres belle caisse

  4. luis hernandez

    The airbag in motorcycle it’s amazing

    1. Johnny

      Definitely 🙂 Have a nice day Luis!

  5. dirty billy

    Im not shure if i personally would trust this system yet, I would like to see data from different speeds,head on impacts,rear end impacts,( like when a vehicle suddenly stops in front of you,despite your best efforts to leave brake space to panic stop) What is the terminal speed and impact g’s that render system ineffective? Lay down test too when you lose it in a curve from sand,oil , harleys are my ride ,but i have seen some of these c-rockets doing 160-180 + on freeways in southern calif ,doing wheelies ! In traffic. Just crazy or stupid ! Your choice there ! Agree or disagree ? On the air bag suit ? This is just my own personal opinon , yours may be different ! Thanks..

  6. clifton baber

    how well does it protect the neck and is there some padding in the jacket before inflation and what about the legs

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