There are more ways for a guy to have fun, and many of those can be categorized as totally nuts in the most positive way. Some of us love great cars and drifting, others enjoy big and powerful machines and creating clouds of smoke, then you have the well known Russian madness, which is probably a category in itself, and there are guys like Jason Paul, the guy that you are `going to meet` in the video below that we have prepared for you today, who is doing something totally different which does not include any of the above mentioned.

The name of his video is Tokyo Drift, but it does not include any type of cars, drifting, or some great bikes. This guy is animating himself, using his own body and top of the line skills to do all sorts of crazy things like flipping, jumping and other stuff that I do not even know how to call it. And he is doing it in the most positive way.

So go ahead and check out his cool video, but do not even think about trying to do something like this yourself, if you do not want to end up in the hospital (at best). The guy is obviously a professional and knows well what he does.