Can You Do Wheelies Like Stunter Darius Khashabi In The Living Room?

Well, I guess it can happen even to the best, the pros, not just every day bike enthusiasts, especially if one makes a decision to drive his bike and make a wheelie stunt inside their house and near the swimming pool… Professional stunt rider Darius Khashabi sure as hell made another insane and unbelievable stunt with his Honda CBR, this time during the wild party at his house for his 40th birthday. As the man himself says, he has been doing wheelies in his back yard for a long time, but this time something went wrong.

I do not know whether it was a bad karma or bad aura of the living room! Luckily, both Darius and the red Honda CBR are now fine (even though things did not look well for the bike at first) and a good thing from all of that is that the video is one of the most epic that were ever made!

Finally, are you interested in seeing the best British stunt riders?

Enjoy the video below!

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