Paying in Coins For a $140,000 Worth Car! China STYLE!

Working in a car dealership for most people is job from heaven. But sometimes, the idyllic image of that workplace can be turned into a “nightmare” in a blink of an eye! How is that possible? Well, there are various ways, and one of them is when a man comes to the shop and wants to buy himself a 100K+ car, paying in coins!

$140,000 Worth Car Paid With 660,000 COINS 2

The buyer explained that he works at a gas station and he collected the money from buses which have stopped at that very same petrol station. Once he started saving them, he decided that he is going to use the change to buy himself a brand new car. He went into the dealership, in the city of Shenyang, and unloaded 660,000 yuan ($136,000) in coins, from a truck! The additional 20,000 yuan ($4000) were paid in bills. The guy paying in coins had four tons heavy and were more than 12 feet high when piled up.

$140,000 Worth Car Paid With 660,000 COINS 3

It is hard to imagine how an US staff would react if you show up like this in a dealership, but this is not the only case. Couple of months ago, a man paid 100,000 yuan for his new apartment in one-yuan coins!

$140,000 Worth Car Paid With 660,000 COINS 1

At last, have you heard about the man who bought a car worth $10,000 for only $700?! Yup, it`s a true story! Check it out on this link.