New DEVEL 16 Car Reaches 60MPH In Just 1.8 Seconds!

The Dubai Motor Show is not an ordinary motor show like the rest. There are some exclusive vehicles that belong to a separate category besides the concept and all other special edition cars. On the other hand, where is the best place to exhibit a new vehicle if not the home field! Two years ago, at the aforesaid motor show the Dubai based automaker Devel 16 presented their UNBELIVEABLE 5000 horsepower automobile. This year, they came up with the enhanced version of the Devel 16 car.

PAY ATTENTION NOW! The black demon you are about to see is powered by an incredible V16 7.2 liter engine! Wait, there is more. There are 4 TURBOS combined with the engine giving an unthinkable number of horses for an automobile – 6000!!! Devel 16 car goes from 0 to 60 mph in a blink of an eye – just 1.8 seconds and is capable of reaching a staggering 347 mph. If you want to possess this particular vehicle you have got to extend your pocket for about $1.3 million and place yourself on the 10 year waiting list, i.e. mass production will be ready in 10 years. What`s your view on this?

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