New BMW Super Car Will Be Unveiled in The Year 2016!

According to rumors, stated in the Autobild, a German automobile magazine, the new BMW super car is about to be launched in 2016, on the occasion of BMW`s 100th anniversary. This hot rod shall be light weighted (around 1500 kilos), it shall boost approximately 600 horses and it shall be the descendant of M1, only upgraded.

The engine is supposed to be a V8 Twin Turbo one, similar with ones found in M5/M6 models. It`s top speed is to be around 200 mph and it shall hit 62 mph in just 3 seconds. The body is rumored to be a total carbon fiber masterpiece.

At last, what do you say about this BMW convertible?


Will the concept i8 be the base for the new BMW supercar? 

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