BMW M4 Drift On An Aircraft Carrier!!! AWESOME Advert! BMW Outdid Themselves!

Making a nice car advert can be really difficult. The effort is worth though, as a nice commercial about any car can make a huge difference! We are positive that at least some of you have a favorite car commercial! The list of unique and funny car commercials is endless! That is why we decided to present you one of the best ones we could find! Get prepared for the BMW M4 drift, it is brilliant! Check out this awesome advert where a BMW M4 Drifts On An Aircraft Carrier! The German automaker has a long tradition of making some of the finest automobile adverts you can find! It is no wonder this is one of their creations! This BMW M4 drift is one of the best drifts we have ever laid eyes upon!

On top of that, the commercial was filmed on an aircraft carrier! If that doesn`t get your attention while watching TV we don`t know what does! At the very least, we can be thankful that BMW decided to treat us with this brilliant BMW M4 drift advert! We just wonder how much it helped for promoting the brand. The answer is most likely between A LOT and VERY MUCH! Nonetheless, do you think this is real? How much money do you need to rent a An Aircraft Carrier? Anyway, for a company like BMW that would be not a huge amount of money… Real or not, The German car producer really outdid themselves with this amazing TV commercial! The least we can do is provide you with the footage. After all, it is not every day we get such a nice present like this commercial! So sit back, relax and enjoy the video below! Also, feel free to like, share & comment!

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15 thoughts on “BMW M4 Drift On An Aircraft Carrier!!! AWESOME Advert! BMW Outdid Themselves!

  1. Bill

    PHOTOSHOPED!!!!!!! No way would any country clear the top of a aircraft carrier for this.

    1. Paul Bushay

      Not one our carriers if it’s even a real carrier, the US Navy has no carriers with a flight deck that looks remotely like this one! I served aboard USS Ranger (CV 61) for 2 years when I was in the Navy

    2. Is it fake? I mean it totally didn’t say anything about how crazy and how cool CGI is now. Of course it’s fake. It’s real car, and it can perform like this. But they used a computer to make the track and the carrier look as real as possible. It even looks fake, and on top of that, says it’s a CGI commercial.

  2. Most of the credit out of this advert. goes to the driver and / or the editor…
    Sure BMW can live and impress without it…
    German BMW car…which used to manufacture War fare… on a US war fare..?! not convenient… for peace time luxury…!
    in a World under war threats here and there…


    I estimate that it would cost around 60 times more than commercial time during the super bowl.

  4. ed

    to mee looks like its a CGI commercial…

  5. Nice commercial, but no way it happened. There are no carriers that anyone can buy to transform like this and the U.S. government would never allow anyone to rent one. 🙂 There are no catapults for the aircraft to launch from on the flight deck anymore and there is no way to rip those out of the deck easily then put them back in after BMW was done making the commercial. lol Totally computer enhanced but still a nice commercial. 🙂

  6. realy?

    So there are really people who believe this is real?

  7. Doc Grancoupe

    Who said anything about it being a US Carrier?

    1. Johnny

      Thanks for your feedback!

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