BMW Concept 6 Motorcycle! Must See This Amazing Video!

If you are ready, we would like to present you the perfect concept motorbike by BMW -- BMW Concept 6! This is a real 2-wheeled masterpiece with the traditions and history of BMW K-Series bikes. It is based on its predecessors -- the K-series and is now making new steps towards the future! Its engine is boasted with 6 cylinders and this one might easily replace the LT series! If you want to know something more about its power, let`s say that BMW suggests that it makes as much HP as the current 1.3 L motor whereas the Torque should be like any other bike with 96 lb/ft at 1.000rpm!

Take a look at this BEAST with a FUTURISTIC body kit!

You must see these insane designers, who turned BMW into the Sport Icon we know! Check out this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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