A Closer Look at Dodge’s CEO 1971 Challenger! 3 VIDEOS!

Here we go with one really interesting and appealing video in which you will get a chance to get up close and personal with Tim Kuniskis, the Dodge CEO, and his awesome specimen, one mind-blowing, a classic Detroit muscle, 1971 Challenger. It is a video clip that was filmed for The Dart Road Trip, when Steve Magnante makes a stop at one of Detroit`s historic assembly plants, to inspect some of its arsenal and finish his Woodward Cruise in the best possible way.

That means that he is having a very special guest, Mr. Tim Kuniskis, the Dodge CEO, who is coming on the interview with his 1971 Dodge Challenger, so we all have a chance to see how a car of high profile Dodge man looks like.

As some of you may guess, this great 1971 Challenger also has a history that goes way back to the original Chrysler executive owners, and when he got the chance offered by his status in the company, Tim grabbed it with both hands, and now he has a part of this legendary muscle car in his possession.

Most of this great Challenger has been restored, the exterior, its motor, the interior has been upholstered, upgraded with excellent sound system, and now we have a 70s muscle car ready for the challenges of the 21st century. So check it out, and see it for yourself how this awesome machine looks like, and learn much more about its modifications.

If you want to find out more about the 1971 Dodge Challenger, go to this link.