BEAST Pickup Truck With 4.65 sec Pass in Mud Races: DOPE EDIT & MUSIC!

In this post and video that we prepared for you today, you will see some really impressive results made by this extra powerful and fast pickup truck, at the Lee County Mud Motorsports Complex.

What we actually have here is a 2.5 ton Hill N Hole mud truck on a `regular mud strip` that managed to break a result of astonishing 4.65 seconds. As the guy starts up with a short drift, you can see that it looks like the big monster is about to take off into the air the very next time when driver will hit a full throttle.

Such an engine power, with a weight of two and half tons is very difficult thing to be controlled at this level of speed and effort that it takes to make that amazing result of 4.65 seconds. Really bad to the Bone!

For the end, I will just add that it really does not matter whether you are Dodge, Chevy or a Ford fan, there is really no point in arguing on which one is better, who can take whom and other similar none sense, but just enjoy the video that shows us really impressive moment and achievement, something we definitely do not see every day.

Enjoy the video below!

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