BBT Fabrications Asking What Color To Paint This Mustang Coupe?

We got interested in this car, so we called Troy Gudgel from BBT Fabrications. He is the one who made this hot rod.

We were interested in his future and current plans. As he said, he has been working on an Indy-headed Hemi, on a `50s pickup, on a Cuda, but what he is really excited about is the `66 Mustang.




According to Troy, the car is gonna get a d1 Procharger, 18 x 11 wheels in the back and tons of awesome spoilers and ground effects. And of course a Dart block 408 stroker.

However, these things take time. Troys current problem is how to paint the car. If you have any ideas, please do share. All suggestions are welcomed.

Finally, here is everything you need to know about the Mustang Coupe!

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