Check This Batman Inspired 2009 Jonsibal Dodge Challenger!

Jon Sibal is a graphic designer who has done some pretty awesome cars for customers who vary from extra rich enthusiasts  to automobile magazines, and when he isn`t doing paint drafts for Scion Racing, KIA, Hennessey Performance, Volkswagen Motorsports, Turner Motorsports or Meguiar`s he draws superheroes for comic books. All the knowledge he acquired as well as all his talent he`s got, he chose to put all of that in the creation of his own vehicle, a `09 Jonsibal Dodge Challenger.


His Jonsibal Dodge Challenger theme is mainly black with brushed gold moments, that gives the impression like it was drag out of some superhero story.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Dark Knight rises from the door, after a long drag of the wheels from SSR, tucked into the Toyo tires, while shifting the pistol grip from Hurst.

The “Batmobile” has a stock Hemi engine, which has a shaker intake from AFR and  a cat back exhaust from Zoomers.. There is also an airbag system from Air Runners which provides an awesome stance.

What`s your opinion on this comic book car? Is this Challenger the good or the bad guy?

Finally, check out this magnificent Challenger!

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