Batman Inspired 2009 Dodge Challenger!

Jon Sibal is a graphic designer who has done some pretty awesome cars for customers who vary from extra rich enthusiasts  to automobile magazines, and when he isn`t doing paint drafts for Scion Racing, KIA, Hennessey Performance, Volkswagen Motorsports, Turner Motorsports or Meguiar`s he draws superheroes for comic books. All the knowledge he acquired as well as all his talent he`s got, he chose to put all of that in the creation of his own vehicle, a `09 Dodge Challenger.


His Dodge`s theme is mainly black with brushed gold moments, that gives the impression like it was drag out of some superhero story.  It wouldn’t be a surprise if the Dark Knight rises from the door, after a long drag of the wheels from SSR, tucked into the Toyo tires, while shifting the pistol grip from Hurst.

The “Batmobile” has a stock Hemi engine, which has a shaker intake from AFR and  a cat back exhaust from Zoomers.. There is also an airbag system from Air Runners which provides an awesome stance.

What`s your opinion on this comic book car? Is this Challenger the good or the bad guy?

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