This Pink Barbie Mustang Almost Broke The Dyno (0.26 RWHP at 4.3 MPH)! LOL!

Never judge a book by its covers! An old saying which can be told for this DYNO test you are about to see! Power Wheels have proven so many times that their mini vehicles are very powerful and full of strength! Well, this girly pink car was taken for a test in order to see the results! We must say it did very well and it would have been a mistake if we were to say that it stands no chance! In fact, quite the contrary! It showed FANTASTIC results! As you can see the numbers don`t lie: 0.26 RWHP at 4.3 MPH, however it dropped to 0.13 at the top end! Who would have known that this little pink Barbie Mustang can be this good! Going 6 miles per hour in this pink beast seems deadly to us! We don`t know about you, but we wouldn`t want to risk it and drive this monstrosity!

The pink Barbie Mustang was a gift for the kids of one of the employees in DBR High Performance. He wanted to know how much power this little car packed. He placed the Barbie Mustang on the dyno, and put the small car in rabbit mode! This way a full pull was ensured! The results were truly remarkable we must say! We can only wonder what the top speed was that this tiny vehicle reached. Could it possibly break the 7 mph barrier? We might never know! However, please watch the video to the very end… there comes the best part. This thing almost broke the dyno! Hilarious! Make sure you don`t miss out on this video. It is not every day we have footage of something unique like this! Be sure to check out and enjoy the video below! And of course, feel free to like, share and comment!

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Enjoy the video below!

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