AWESOME PETE – Project 350 Big Rig! This Truck Will Leave You Speechless!

We are certain that this truck pollutes the air quite a lot! On the other hand, it still looks ridiculously good! That kind of balances things out! After all, a true gearhead wouldn`t mind a vehicle that emits a little extra carbon dioxide as long as it looks THIS GOOD! Project 350 is truly a work of art! This is why you should take a bit of your time to see this sweet truck cruising on the streets in Connecticut! It looks like it is about to turn into a Transformer at any second to go and save the world! LOL!

Oh Dear Lord, would you look at that? That Truck really has something that makes you stare at it and secretly wish owning it! We have the proud owner Richie Acosta and his AMAZING Project 350 truck called AWESOME PETE! He just made a quick wheel spin on the streets of Wallingford, Connecticut and we must say that AWESOME PETE really does look AWESOME! However, many would judge it due to the coal it burns, blaming it for emissions!

But, all that can be fixed with a little homework about Volcano Eruptions and the emission they cause! Check it out! Trust us when we tell you that you won`t be disappointed! Proceed with caution though, as looking at Project 350 might make you want to get one for yourself! Now that you have been warned, you can press that play button! Also, feel free to share it with your friends before you go!

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