Awesome Drifting Nissan Skyline R32! Hilarous Video! Must See!

Check out this Awesome drifting Nissan Skyline R32! Get ready for another AMAZING video where you will see the power of the NISSAN SKYLINE R32 GTS! Not only will you see the strength and power of this automobile, but you will see the skills of its driver as he shows AMAZING DRIFTING KNOWLEDGE! With a RB25DET under the hood, this one is ready for the streets! In that matter, take a look at this video and enjoy drifting from a different point of view! The camera in this video is set from the INSIDE which will make you feel the pressure and tension a random driver has when drifting!

Drifting Nissan Skyline R32

Just turn your speakers and enjoy the drifting on the video bellow!

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Enjoy the video below!


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