Are You For Some Swamp Buggy Racing?! Sounds BRUTAL!

Every day we learn something new! So, let`s see what`s on the menu today! It is Swamp Buggy Racing. For those who didn`t know: This moto sport is not very popular but we are going to try and make it big! Swamp Buggies were actually first created by Ed Frank in Florida, who used this vehicle to move around easier through the Everglades. This innovative vehicle is able to do lots of stuff such as going through or over mud and water, drive through dense forests and vegetation as well as running over rough roads. Moreover, it is able to float in water! You could use it for hunting, for long expeditions, etc.

But how did it get to racing you might ask yourself? As more and more hunters owned a Swamp Buggy, they would often gather in the woods to exchange a few tips and experiences. Every now and then, one driver would challenge another driver for a quick race through the mud. Today, this sport`s popularity increasing rapidly as Swamp Buggy Races are being televised by many sports channels such as ESPN, TNN and the National Geographic Channel as well!  Check it out!

Anyway, check out the swamp adventures you could be part of!

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