Another Trailer For FAST AND FURIOUS! Oh Wait It’s SUPERFAST – The PARODY Movie! The Superfast Film!

We know how important the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise is for every car lover, especially after the sudden demise of one of the actors, Paul Walker. However, if you truly love this movie, you won`t be offended, yet you are going to laugh if there was a parody of it. As a matter of fact there is. And we want to show it to you. The Superfast film works pretty well while making a comedy out of Fast and Furious!

It is a question of the spoof that is not released yet. It`s name is SUPERFAST! This movie doesn`t lack the powerful cars, exciting races, (and of course) the beautiful girls. According to what have we seen so far, this movie knows how to make you laugh. Yes, there are some unrealistic scenes, but that`s what will cause a grin on your face. Moreover, this movie is full of quotes that you and your friends will repeat over and over again for some time. Quotes that are bound to be future classics! The Superfast film looks promising indeed!

This movie is brought to you by the team that created “Meet The Spartans” and “The Starving Games”. They are not making fun of the movie; they just use it as a foundation to make a comedy. A good laugh won`t harm anyone.

And it looks like they made the right choice about the casting! Judging by the trailer, you`ll be surprised at how the actor Vin Serento portrays Dominic Toretto! He looks pretty similar to Vin Diesel as well! It looks like these guys really managed to fit the bill with that one! And wait till you hear the names of the other characters in this Superfast film! Some of those names are: Model Turned Actress, Rapper Cameo and Asian Guy! OK…it`s not that original, but it`s funny nevertheless!

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