American Chopper – Amazing Things You Didn’t Know!

Even though there have been some utterly amazing bike shows on TV over the years, nothing can compete with the one and only American Chopper. It was one of the biggest shows on TV and their crew became internationally popular. But everyone was shocked when the show came to an end after 10 successful seasons being aired. We are all familiar with the reason why this had happened, but in this video we check out couple of amazing things that even the most hardcore fan did not know about the show and the Teutul family.

American Chopper Amazing Things 1

In fact, this family was in plan B for the show. Their creator, Craig Piligian, revealed that he based the show`s simple story lines on I Love Lucy. Moreover, the show was initially centered in a totally different bike shop in New Hampshire! This awesome list of amazing things you did not know about the show continues with their failed restaurant project. Paul Sr. lost a lawsuit which caused the Orange County Choppers restaurant chain to fail. Senior and his business partner Carlos Urbaneja, defrauded up to $15 million which they later on sold to imaginary companies that had no value at all.

Despite all the problems the family has been facing ever since it came down from the TV, there have been dozens of other lawsuits against them even to this day. There are many more amazing things you did not know about this highly controversial family so make sure to check out the whole video for more information!

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