EPIC SHOT! Amazing BATMOBILE Car on the Streets of London!

Check Out This Trully Amazing BATMOBILE car on the Streets of London! This car is totally insane and puts all the Lamborghinis and Ferraris to shame wherever it goes!

Na nananananana, BATMAAAN! If you owned a Batmobile toy as a boy, then you surely dreamed of catching a glimpse of it in its real proportions. And there you have it! A genuine Batmobile driving on the streets of London, making a bigger fuzz than any Lamborghini or Ferrari around it. Driving in such elegant manner, it brings all your childhood dreams to life and makes you want to get in and drive away with your mate. That`s why it`s better than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini- there`s only one Batman, and there`s only one Batmobile!

Check all the Details, Accelerations and Revving on the video bellow and tell us what do you think!

Enjoy the video below!

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