BMW E30 Corvette Engine & Grzegorz Hypki Behind The Wheel!

Abominable BMW E30 Corvette engine & Maniac-Yet-Extremely Skilled Grzegorz Hypki Behind The Wheel!

Do you want to find out what happens if you take a BMW E30, which by the way is a light vehicle, and put a giant Vette Engine under the hood? We hope you are eager to know what came up from this fusion! If you are, click on the video below and see it for yourself. But before you do so, let us give you some more information about this occurrence. This short video is recorded in controlled environment on the streets of Poland, you can notice that by seeing the crowd which curiously observes this situation and by the absence of other vehicles.

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Finally, just follow this link and drool over the Vette engine!

Enjoy the video below!

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