Aaron Kaufman, The Bearded Wonder Just Dropped A Huge Surprise!

Aaron Kaufman The Bearded Wonder Huge Surprise 2 TN

When you`re as famous and as respected as the Bearded Wonder, you get to do certain things that most other people can`t. This last time, Mr. Kaufman surprised everyone when he suddenly said goodbye to the Gas Monkey Garage Crew and Richard Rawlings. He came back just in time for the Mega Race special, but that too, was short lived.

Aaron Kaufman The Bearded Wonder Huge Surprise 3 TN

However, lately he has fallen behind on some of his personal projects which means that as soon as he starts catching up, he will definitely return to television. Right now, a new show is being developed which will of course, concern cars and I bet it`s going to be fun!

Lately, Aaron ” The Bearded Wonder ” Kaufman has been wondering how to bring two completely different markets closer – the Chevy C-10 and the Ford F100 market, because the latter has been steadily slowing down while the Chevy market trudges on.

Aaron Kaufman The Bearded Wonder Huge Surprise 1 TN

However, all of that is in the future, what is important now is that Mr. Kaufman has left his iconic Gas Monkey Garage Crew and will not be back for a while – a short while, I believe. It was an emotional moment for everyone when he left and it will be just as emotional when he comes back, let`s hope it`s soon! Finally, read more about Aaron Kaufman as we give you his full bio!