Full Story Of The FIRST CAMARO EVER BUILT – Nº1 Car!

Hello my fellow Detroit muscle aficionados. Today we have prepared a video clip which, just as the title is saying, will be a small treat for all those amongst you, who have a special place in their heart, for one of the most iconic American muscle cars, the Chevy Camaro! For this one, whatsoever, we have the first Camaro ever built. But read on…

We all know well that no matter how much the contemporary models are superior in many technical aspects, and totally jaw-dropping when it comes to the design, the old models have some kind of a special charm and allure in them, which makes them irresistible for all big time fans. And if you are one, then knowing about the very first car from your favorite brand, is something that is a part of the essential knowledge of the history of your favorite ride.

So, before I let you watch the video clip below, I will only say that only a couple of years from now, it would be the 50th anniversary of the Chevy Camaro. So I think that we can all expect something truly spectacular and powerful, to mark the half century of the existence of this legendary American muscle car.

But before we get there, have a look at the first Camaro video below and treat yourself with a joyful ride in the history of your favorite and most loving muscle car!

And for those of you who also want to find out something about the upcoming 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1, go to this link.