LS7 POWERED Mosler MT900 S Hypercar Leaves Open MOUTHS!

It has been a long struggle for Warren Mosler, but after about five years of developing it, the street legal and DOT certified Mosler MT900 hypercar has finally been delivered to the market in 2006. The first prototype started running at the beginning of the 2001, using different engine components from well proven sports cars, like the mid-mounted LS7 350 HP V8 motor from the Corvette, Porsche 911`s transmission, as well as the Corvette`s suspension. It weighted around 2 600 pounds, and it had all the typical luxury sports cars performance numbers, like the acceleration from 0 to 62 in just 3.5 seconds, and a ΒΌ mile sprint in 12 seconds.

But after five years, the 2006 Mosler MT900 S got even more improved features and as above mentioned, it became completely street legal. Again, powered by a Corvette`s mid-engine that is giving an output to a 405 HP, a few and chosen number of customers started to drive this ultimate sports car on the roads worldwide. With a stunning look, and a perfect engine sound that makes every Gearhead`s neck skin crawl, it is most definitely one of the most beautiful things in the world of luxury sports cars.

We have found one interesting video with the 2006 Mosler MT900S, somewhere on the German roads, in which a whole convoy of bikers is watching it with their mouths open. And what else would you expect?