F250 Turbo Diesel Drags Sinking HUMMER from the MUD!

It is sunny Sunday afternoon, and these people have decided to spend some time on an off road track with their vehicles. But sometimes, things don`t go as planned. However, those are the moments to remember. This video can also serve as a tutorial showing how to react in a situation like this, without panic and to make the most out of it. So, on the one side there is the Hummer which is more than 50% underwater and on the other side, the rescue truck, Ford F250 Turbo diesel.

Despite the fact that an expensive vehicle such as the Hummer is half way underwater, the people are having a good time! To make the damage even bigger there is a KTM bike, in the back of the Hummer, with the front part underwater too! After careful observation, the F250 turbo diesel driver takes a hook and a recovery strap to get the Hummer out of the water. Next, they try several times and couple of minutes later the Hummer is out of the water! Ironically there is a ROAD CLOSED sign which makes the whole situation even more entertaining and you can see that everybody not involved in the rescuing is recording!

Anyway, check out this bad boy on the snow!