A Biker Just Got Hit by a Truck! What a Moment Of Impact!

When I was writing the title of this post, I saw a Biker get hit by a truck (similar to the subtitle on the video) and as far as the driver in the truck is concerned, that probably would have been a proper title. Because the way the guy in the truck reacts is as if he had ran into an invisible motorcycle – it was not his fault!

But let`s get serious guys! Yes, we do watch these videos for fun mostly, but fact to the matter is that many of them are a good reminder that there are many, many irresponsible drivers out there on the roads, highways, city streets, who do not give a damn about anyone else involved in the traffic but themselves and always tries to do things their own way, the way it suits them best. Not worrying that in the process they could seriously injure somebody or maybe even worst.

Guy on the motorcycle is driving his bike and recording the experience, when all of sudden, when he stops for the red light, a pickup truck is coming from the right and acts like he does not exist and goes straight at him.

I don`t know what was he thinking or seeing, but if you ask me, drives like that should be treated under the North Korean penalty system and rules.

Finally, find more scandalous videos like this one on this link! Must Watch!

Enjoy the video below!

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