New Hyundai E4U! Egg-shaped Concept for Future Mobility of People!

hyundai e4u 1

Hyundai “E4U” Egg-shaped Concept at Hyundai’s “IDEA Festival”!

Every year since 2010, Hyundai Motor Group is organizing the “IDEA festival” in order to discover new ideas on future mobility by encouraging its employed engineers for active development in fresh technologies and to express their creativity.

This year`s topic (theme) of “IDEA Festival 2012” was “Free Mobility”, a future technology as well as adopted mobility. 20 ideas are chosen from the best Hyundai engineers based on technology, creativity and fun. The selected teams then compete in a presentation contest, and are graded based on creativity, technology, fun and production feasibility. One half of them went to the finals.

The best ideas are demonstrated on the day of the festival, dedicated for celebration of the engineers` efforts. The winners were awarded with money prizes and travel trips to other countries.

hyundai e4u seoul motor show 1

Hyundai “E4U” at 2013 Seoul Motor Show!

The Hyundai concept named “E4U” was unveiled at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show. This city prototype is one of the winners of 2012 “IDEA festival” organized by Hyundai Motor Group internal contest.

The weight of the concept vehicle is 80kg including a battery with voltage of 24V/ power 500W. Its top speed is 30km/h and its degree of freedom is 2.

The “E4U”, actually has an egg-shaped and streamlined body. It is a fresh-idea concept of future mobility for 1 person. It is designed to be driven narrow roads in urban areas of the cities at low speeds level.

The name E4U came from several words: 4 Es, Evolution, Egg, Electricity and Eco Friendliness.

The “E4U” driver can control the pivot of the structure of hemisphere and can make spins in 1 direction. The “E4U” rear legs can be folded as well as the side parts are detachable and it requires even smaller parking space.

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