800HP Zo6 Corvette Supercharged: Insanely Loud!

Check out this INSANELY LOUD Corvette that attracted a lot of people on a certain parking lot!!! This Supercharged Corvette has an engine that produces 800 Horsepower as the Z06 has the best EXHAUST SOUND ever to be heard on a car! As the wheels complete and suit the white body kit, many wonder about the EXHAUST SET UP! And the answer is simple -- PROCHARGER SETUP! Of course, a supercharger is best fitted for this BIG ENGINE! However, the Vette lot attracted 100 people in less than 4 minutes which sure says a lot about the AWESOME and POWERFUL sound!!!

Watch below this amazing video with this 800HP Zo6 Corvette Supercharged with Insanely Loud Exhaust. Turn on the speakers and enjoy the sound!