800 HP Mustang RK527 Unveilled By RK Motors! Must See!

On the occasion of the `Stang`s fiftieth birthday, RK Motors presented the 800 HP Mustang RK527 Stang, their most precious, newest gem. The Stang`s fiftieth birthday party as well as the showing of their latest gem was a common ceremony, that took place at Charlotte speedway, this year in April.

As Darell Johnston said , just around 3 months ago, the team have commenced the project. At the very beginning they knew that they were scheduled to finish for 3 months in order to have a joint ceremony with the fiftieth Stang`s birthday. Johnston did most of the work himself, regardless the fact it was on such a short notice.

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Enjoy the video below!


Moore Cliff from Kaase Racing Engines  was the one person that Johnston contacted when he encountered a major problem. What Cliff had in mind was the 527 cubic inches Kaase Boss Nine, in order to suit in the bill. The name RK527 was inspired from it. The 429 derivitave made of aluminum, boosted around 800 horses and 700 lb-ft of torque at rpm of 6600. A twin disc clutch and a Tremec T-56 transmission were incorporated in order to support the Boss Nine.

A red color in Candy apple  shade with white LeMans stripes was added to the Shelby clone exterior. What Johnston did was focusing on the underside and the engine compartment. What happened then, was the fitting of the front suspension system from Detroit Speed aluma frame as well as the 800 HP Mustang 325.

This car has 13 inches rear and 14 inches front brakes from Baer. The wheels are- from American Racing.  Vintage Wheel did the customization.

According to Johnston, this model was built to be perfect in all the ways possible.

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