You Must See These 8 Upcoming Trucks & Futuristic Buses – Fascinating Pieces Of Technology!

The world progress is happening so fast and we need to keep track. Not long ago, buses and trucks did not even have air conditioners, whilst the trucks of today surprise us every day. For that matter, we are proud to present you 8 of the most amazing upcoming trucks and buses which will be used for everyday transportation in near future.

8 Upcoming Trucks Future Buses 7

These concepts include many prominent auto makers such as Mercedes, but even those as Walmart! To start off, we are going to give you some info about the new Mercedes Future truck, planned to be released by 2025.

This truck is also called the self steering truck and is the long haul truck of the future. It is the leader of the list making every Gearhead eager to see what will come out from it. The driver will be sitting behind the wheel, but he will steer the truck on a tablet which he holds in his hands! The Walmart advanced truck is also the hit on the upcoming trucks and futuristic trucks list. This American innovation is here to improve efficiency and make trucks more approachable to the people! However, the video is below the text where many amazing trucks are waiting for you!

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