750HP Dodge Viper Supercharged VS 1098HP Koenigsegg CCXF!

The Swedish produced Koenigsegg cars are known to be the fastest ones in the World! Therefore, rarely who get the courage to challenge it for a race! However, this Dodge Viper with a Super Charged TT engine under the hood that produces 750 Horsepower “broke” the rules and is now going to race a 1098 horsepower Koenigsegg CCXF! And, finally, there at the starting line, both getting ready as tension raises! And they are off, as they rush towards the finish line, the crowd goes wild while watching this AMAZING cars race!

Check out the video below and find out the winner! Can a Twin Turbo SRT Dodge Viper TA beat the one and only Koenigsegg CCFX?

Enjoy the video below!

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