This 730HP Fire Breathing ZR-1 Corvette From Hell Will Blow You AWAY! MUST SEE These Highway Races!

Imagine owning a ZR-1 Corvette when you were only 16 years old! Not just any Corvette, this one is pretty beefed up as it has an engine that produces the AMAZING 730 Horsepower! However, we have to applaud him, because he is not afraid to race ANY CAR out there! So, the streets of Mexico had now experienced a MASSIVE race among all sorts of MONSTER vehicles! This super powerful ZR-1 Corvette went on a race on the highways to deal with some quick cars such as supercharged Grand Sport, Nitrous Z06, Supercharged Camaro, Viper Gen V, Nitrous G8, Turbo Beetle and a GTO! Note that a TEENAGER is racing against all these incredible cars! When we were younger, most of us would`ve been lucky if had the chance to drive something with wheels at all! This kid is living the dream! What makes things even better is that there is footage of these highway races and we are sharing it with everyone here!

Let us first start with the Corvette ZR-1. It has numerous modifications, such as a custom cam, a ported blower, ID2000 injectors and motorsports exhaust! To top it all off, a 16 year old kid is driving it! Seems like the perfect recipe for disaster. Fortunately, it is NOT! Many races were held this night, and none finished badly! As a matter of fact, most of them were incredible! Mexico proved to be an incredible place for highway races! In the end, the Corvette ZR-1 showed beyond doubt that it is the best out of the bunch! The only opponent it didn`t defeat was the car that was filming it! Nonetheless, we are glad everything was filmed so gearheads like ourselves can enjoy this incredible night of highway races! Make sure you don`t miss the craziness! Enjoy the video below!

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