700HP Ford Mustang on Rims by Forgestar (Video Inside)

Hello there Gearheads. Ready to see something awesome and powerful. Actually, we always give you something like that, so just take a look! We present you this FORD MUSTANG that has it all – the looks and the performance! You will see a DYNO test where this BEAST will prove that it is not all about the looks! With its MASSIVE torque 557.93 things become clearer. Moreover, you can add the 700 horsepower and there is literally nothing else to be added except for the AWESOME F14 Forgestar wheels that look great on this MONSTER!

Too bad we only have a DYNO, it would be great to see this one on the streets!

Enjoy the video below!

Mustang Coyote 700hp

5.0 700hp Mustang Forgestar F14s with Mickey Thompson Tires.

Watch the amazing video here!

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