700+HP BMW M6 Hamann: Drift, Donuts, Powerslides, REVS & Wheelspins On The Street!

Check this crazy +700 hp BMW M6 Hamann Drift, Donuts, Powerslides, REVS & Wheelspins on the streets in Russia. The engine of this +700hp beast has been modified and increased to over 6-liter. This Hamann ride is based on a BMW M6 E63.

According to us, black is the one and only paint that accordingly suits this particular car! This video I the right one for testing the endurance of your sound devices. Trust us, you won`t regret it! Not even a seconds of it! As we already said what`s under the hood, we should mention something about the outside look of the car. You notice that the name Hamann stands next to the car`s name. That`s because the widebody (which is race edition) as well as the exhaust are provided by the well-known German company for auto tuning -- Hamann. Just as a reminder, no matter how cool it looks, reckless driving on the streets can lead to an accident.

Enjoy the video below!

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