600 hp 1971 Chevy Nova: “Novacation”!

1303phr-56-o+las-vegas-sema-car-showcase+1971-chevy-nova 2

The part of AMD’s Nova that really got us though was the subtle parts swapping between generations of Novas. The thing that brought us to Auto Metal Direct`s (AMD) `71 Nova was the amazing blend of PPG Blue Heaven paint with the red leather interior. It caught our attention from the very moment that we saw this beauty.

The part that was truly amazing was when we noticed the subtle parts swapping between generations of Novas, and we have done some consideration on the year the car exactly was. There was some pairing done with the `69 SS grille and the `70 bumper, which sends clear turn signals rather than amber. The sidelights are now `69 taillight panel for the smaller taillights. When it comes to the interior, we have noticed a `67 Nova dash and deleted dash pad with an instrument cluster. It is unbelievable how the new dash looks more convenient with this interior rather than with the original dash. This fantastic ride has 600hp 6.0-liter engine LS by Twister Racing and 5-speed transmission Keisler SS700.

1303phr-56-o+las-vegas-sema-car-showcase+1971-chevy-nova 1303phr-56-o+las-vegas-sema-car-showcase+1971-chevy-nova 3

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