60-Second Test Drive with The Shelby GT350!



Having the possibility to drive the new 2013 Mustang Shelby GT 350 is beyond exciting. The vehicle has engine that is paired with 6 speed transmission and is able to produce 624 hp.

When you enter the car and you sit in the most comfortable Katzkin leather seats we assure you that there is no place you would rather be. The interior is truly amazing and it has additional gauges showing info about the oil pressure, boost pressure etc which is great, but on the other hand it is a bit irritating since these gauges do not have the standard blue light, but they have an annoying yellow one. While rolling in L.A. traffic jam in this amazing vehicle we could see the characteristics of the Shelby from driver`s point of view. So far, so good. However the clarity in the back is not as good as we expected. Nevertheless, the overall feeling that one gets while driving the car is very pleasant. Actually, one does not even want to get out of the vehicle.

While driving this car we came up with an idea. We decided to go to a good friend of ours who owns a `66 Shelby GT 350 and drive that a little bit so that we can truly feel the difference between the old and the new generations. Even though Alex`s `66 Shelby was not automatic and was painted blue and white we still got into the car excited to see what the drive is going to be like.

The `66 Shelby was understandably more difficult to drive. Not only the speed shifting demanded more effort, but the car was rather slower than its 2013 sibling. Nevertheless, the overall ride in both cars was pleasant and enjoyable. When the time came to leave, we took the 2013 Shelby and went for a short ride. When talking with the Shelby team, they said that the 350 is the most famous car within t heir product spectrum. Well, for 34,000 dollars it should be.



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