This Guy Poured 5 Gallons Of Liquid Nitrogen On A Car From The 5th Floor!

People love testing out and conducting various tests in which some mind boggling theories, dilemmas and concepts are answered. It is actually true that we, people, sometimes have really strange things that we want to test. Hereby, we take a look at this video in which a guy puts the power of liquid nitrogen to the test hence he wants to see what is going to happen when he is going to pour 5 gallons of it from a multi-storey car park. The man had previously tested the effect on other objects, but it was time to place his Daewoo Lanos to the test.

5 Gallons Of Liquid Nitrogen On A Car 2

He parked the near just under the parking lot, took the liquid nitrogen with him and went up the stairs. The guy then poured 5 gallons of it into the metal container and mounted couple of cameras on the ground to capture all the action. In a sudden motion, he poured all of the liquid nitrogen that caused a huge cloud of white smoke to form as soon as it hit the car.

The tension was building the entire time before the white smoke was finally cleared out. When he got down from the parking lot, to everyone`s surprise, there was nothing on it, not even a scratch to the paint or the windows. Even though there was a little chip at the windshield, it remained unchanged. It seems that 5 gallons of liquid nitrogen will do nothing to your car, especially when poured from that height!

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