4 Tech Gadgets That Will Change Your Driving Experience Instantly

Today`s modern cars are more tech-savvy, offering drivers a bevy of gadgets for driving assist, blindspot coverage, lane departure warning, and smart infotainment centers. However, not everyone can buy that new car outfitted with all the tech gadgets because either they are more interested in saving up or have a strong affinity for the older car model.

4 Tech Gadgets That Will Change Your Driving Experience Instantly 1

Fortunately, tech companies are busy coming up with aftermarket car products specifically for drivers who`d rather drive their vehicles until they give up the ghost. In order to get you and your older car up to speed, here is a list of the latest tech options you should be considering for your car.

Phone Remote Start Systems

Older cars are not fitted with the remote start button. Therefore, on wintery mornings you have to climb into your car, start it so it may warm up, and then lock with a spare set of keys and head back indoors. A remote starter is an inexpensive way of getting around this issue, but the system requires an extra key fob on your keychain, which you can accidentally push the start button.

Fortunately, smartphone apps with remote start systems for just about every car are available to you. Such apps also include parking meter reminders, a program mode that starts your car based on habits and a car locator. This tech modification is also great for anyone who needs to monitor their teen since they have GPS tracking.

Radar Detectors

For many with a heavy foot, there`s a new generation of car tech devices that help you fly under the radar, so to speak. The days of constant beeping and annoying false alarms are long gone. Some modern radar detectors use GPS and exact frequency to cancel out false alarms.

These devices are also fitted with Bluetooth and have their own apps as well as real-time ticket-protection networks. The radars also have access to databases of active red light and speed camera locations that a driver can access through a smartphone. You can also get weekly updates that help keep cops off your back.

Smart Multimedia System

Music is a great stress reliever agent and listening to your favorite tunes while commuting is the first step towards making the ride enjoyable. However, that doesn`t mean you stop at music alone. Modern technology makes it possible to have an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay compatible head unit.

Your choice of enhancing your driving, even more, depends on your smartphone. Having a smart multimedia system compatible with your phone gives you access to your all-time favorites on Google Play Music, Spotify or iTunes.

The system also allows you to use other features on your smartphone, including social media apps as well as navigation – just about anything you can think of. The best part about these systems is that they are optimized for use while driving to reduce distractions.

A Dashcam

Traffic is likely to become chaotic anywhere you go but having a trusty dashcam is a good idea in case of an unfortunate road incident. However, this device doesn`t have to be just another typical boring gadget in your car. Some models on the market are dongle-sized and for plugging into your vehicle`s OBD-II port for reading various parameters like engine rpm, speed, acceleration and more – how awesome is that?

In the End…

Your daily car commute is unavoidable and you might not have a way of giving it up, but the least you can do is make it as comfortable as possible. In addition to the car gadgets above, you can find out more at Chicmoto.com and change your daily commute forever!