360 DRIFT AT HIGH SPEED! Adrenalin Rush Guaranteed!

Our loyal readers know that MCZ strives to present you the best from the best! Your support says so, we are not showing off! From RC vehicles, watercrafts and aircrafts to the finest content from world`s most respectable auto shows. Thanks to you, we are going to continue doing what we know best! Namely, the video clip we have prepared for you today will definitely leave you speechless! It left us! But after watching it several times, we managed to come round. Also, try not to be jealous of this driver`s skills and his 360 Drift, yet instead, give a round of applause!

360 Drift At High Speed 1

We can freely state that the drift you are about to watch is unprecedented! So why is this drift so special? Well, it will all be crystal clear for you after watching it, but we need to give you an introduction. In this rather short recording, you are going to witness a downhill 360 drift without consequences for the driver or the spectators on the side! This just emphasizes the seriousness of the skills the driver possesses! Bravo! However, no matter how awesome this may seem, we strongly advise you not to try this stunt on your own!

Finally, do you think that one can drift a military tank?! If the answer is no, follow this link to watch this insane stunt!


Posted by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics on Saturday, November 28, 2015