3.0L Dmax Pick Up vs Best 125cc Motorcycle Moped!

This is one of the best battles of car vs Best 125cc Motorcycle. The Isuzu Pick Up dmax with 3.0L engine against a motorcycle moped with only 125cc on a drag racing track in Thailand!

This video shows the real power of a MOPED! We often refer to mopeds as something that is not manly enough and is meant for boys to ride. But who would say that a 125 cc MOPED is able to stand up to a 3.0 L DMAX engine PICKUP TRUCK! It sounds like a Fairytale but it is not, this tale actually happened in Thailand and this video can serve us as evidence! If you still doubt the information you just read, feel free to open the video below and make sure! It was a very tight race, are you curious to see who won?

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Enjoy the video below!

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