2400HP Worlds Fastest Modular Mustang With Twin Turbo 5.4 DOHC: 6.14 @ 241!

The first thing that occurred to us after watching this video was: this car is one enormous bullet! Reaching incredible speeds in such short time interval is definitely not a joke. This vehicle simply disappeared from out sight once the green light went on! The opponent didn`t stand a chance at all. The 2400HP Worlds Fastest MMR Mustang took the MPH record from John Mihovetz -- long time record holder at the NMCA Finals in Bakersfield, California. The MMR Racecar features 2400HP Twin Turbo 5.4 DOHC with a MMR Shortblock and custom MMR heads, Twin 88 mm Garrett Turbos, MMR Stage 3R camshafts, MMR Roller Thrust bearing system and sheetmetal manifold. With that kind of setup, it is no wonder this modular Mustang is so fast! The start this 2400hp Mustang had at this ¼ mile drag race has to be one of the best ones we have ever seen! It just stormed off!

Sadly, we couldn`t witness a burnout which could make this video even more exciting. Anyway, we believe that it would have been a promising one! In addition to this, you might want to volume up your sound devices in order to hear this beast while it is still close to the camera! An absolutely an amazing car! MMR, the team that made this incredible modular Mustang, did a remarkable job! Building a car that can pass the ¼ mile mark after 6.14 seconds is definitely no joke! On top of that, it took this beauty a little over 6 seconds to reach whopping 241 miles per hour! That is just fascinating! It will take a special car to overcome the record this modular Mustang has set! Until that moment arrives, all that we can do is see the magic here! Enjoy the video.

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Enjoy the video below!

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